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1411 Gracy Farms Lane Austin, Texas.

Reflections II at Walnut Creek is managed by Beck & Company. Visit their website at http://www.beckandco.com/ for more information.  Our property manager is Stan Scheiber.  Email:  stan@beckandco.com   Contact Stan for information about the community or to request common area maintenance work.  You can also visit our  Request maintenance page.

For maintenance emergencies please call 512-474-1551.  There is an answering service to answer your after hours calls.

Gracy Woods Neighborhood Association: http://www.gracywoods.org/

North Austin Coalition of Neighborhoods:  http://www.lovenorthaustin.com/index.html

What’s New In Our Community?

Formation of a by-laws and rules committee:  A by-laws and rule committee has been formed.  The purpose of the committee is to review the RWC II by-laws and rules, gather and analyze suggestions; and present findings to the board.  They expect to report their findings to the board in mid-March and then owners will be updated in the annual meeting in May.

The next board meeting will be announced after the annual owners meeting in May.  If owners have any items to bring before the board the meeting will be open to all owners from 6:00pm to 6:30 pm.  Please email stan@beckandco.com with your agenda items prior to the meeting so you can be added to the overall agenda.  The meeting will be closed to owners beginning at 6:30 pm when the executive session starts.

Termite inspections.   Termite inspections are done once per quarter.  Beck & Company will release dates for this activity.  During this time residents should leave  back gates unlocked so that the Reed’s Pest Control technician can access your back yard.  The inspection may occur one business day before or after depending upon weather conditions so please plan accordingly.

Receiving packages at your door.  Many of us order items to be delivered to our front door.  Be sure to arrange for a neighbor to pick your boxes up for you if you are not home or have the sender only deliver if you are home.   This will help ensure your packages get to their final destination.

Looking for volunteers!  Looking for a volunteer to lead, organize and recruit a group from our community to conduct a volunteer trash clean up of our complex and green belt areas.  If you are interested in leading this or being a part of it please send an email to secretary@reflectionsofwalnutcreek2.com.

Check out the latest meeting minutes.   The most recent meeting minutes are now posted at the mailbox kiosk.  They are in draft form until the next meeting(s) take place but please reference them there if needed.  All final approved meeting minutes are available on the Meeting Minutes page.

Great ideas that could help you avoid costly repairs.    Please click on the Request Maintenance page to check out some very helpful and potentially money saving maintenance tips.

Fire prevention reminders.  Take a look at the Austin Fire Department website for important reminders about smoke detectors and fire safety in your home.  Test your smoke detectors now to be sure they are operational and be sure to change the batteries twice a year.

Do you have bulk trash items to dispose of?    Steve Cotner of Green Scene Landscaping, 512-560-6666, hauls off large items for a small fee.  Owners can contact him to come by a pick –up bulky items as another option besides leaving them by the dumpster where the cost to dispose the items is charged back to the HOA.

Our plants are still thirsty!  Remember to hand water plants, vegetation and grass that are in need during this period of water restrictions.  Hand watering plants and grass that are in need makes a huge difference for the overall community.  It allows us to save plants and avoid costly replacements.

We are proud to recycle for reuse.  Be sure to use the single stream recycling dumpster on property.  The recycling bin is located across from unit # 55-60.  Please refer to the Recycling Information page in this website for more details.  It is very important to break down all cardboard boxes prior to dumping them in the bin.  Also note that pizza boxes cannot be recycled due to grease.




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1411 Gracy Farms Lane